Company Policy

RIVER SpA aims to be a solid reality that thanks to “100% Made in Italy” production. It can be the ideal service partner on the market and its leaders by contributing with innovation and qualitative growth of
products. It aims to achieve this goal through high production standards and the application of Good Manufacturing Practices, overcoming the ecological challenge and contributing to the growth of internal resources.


  1. Pursue the satisfaction of the customer and of all the Interested Parties, through constant control, sustaining it over time.
  2. Maintain a quality management system compliant with standard (UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015), integrated with the mandatory Safety requirements improving it through planning, execution and control activities.
  3. Implement plant and organizational choices such as to reduce the waste as much as possible, the environmental impact and optimizing use of resources, always in compliance with Health and Safety.
  4. Grow in a controlled but continuous manner, keeping high competitiveness on the market.
  5. Diversify the range of products offered according to market demands in synergy with the Supply Chain in compliance with current regulations and protecting the life cycle of the product.
  6. Keep attention on environmental issues high with awareness of collaborators, investments aimed at energy saving and emission control.
  7. Be available and flexible to all market requests, respecting the planning and control of management of each order.
  8. Monitor the progress of the main business processes, evaluating the risks, through the use of specific objective indicators.


  • Constantly ensure product compliance with regulations at all stages of development and manufacturing.
  • Compliance with the delivery terms established with the customer.
  • Maintaining a permanent structure (Integrated Management Service) responsible for conducting Quality management and corporate security, designed to manage the Integrated System as delegated by the Management, with the assignment of tasks, responsibilities and authorities indicated in the Integrated Management Manual and in the procedures.
  • Maintenance of a system of audits both internal and at the subcontractors, managed by the Quality Management Manager, such as to ensure compliance of the work performed.
  • Analyze the context of the interested parties and implement an in-depth risk assessment of business processes, all to guarantee to maintain company solidity by monitoring performance indicators. Optimize
    programming of supplies through careful stock management.
  • Awareness, education and staff training on quality issues, new developments and techniques improvement.
  • Observe compliance with the laws and regulations in force for labor, health and safety by monitoring all during evolution over time.
  • Develop processes and products with high standards for environmental sustainability.
  • Implement policies for the involvement and consultation of workers, including through their safety representative, enhancing him, where possible, also to external personnel.
  • Keep machines, plants and equipment under control and aim for a progressive renewal always in step with the technological innovations on the market, this in order to guarantee greater safety situations upstream operational of workers.


Podenzano (PC), 22 aprile 2021


Responsabile Gestione Qualità (RSGQ)

Barbara Ferrari

Direttore Generale

Sergio Orsi