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Bofrost Italy

Exclusive commercial operation for Bofrost Italy.

More than versatile. A complete and fully stackable cookware set that takes up only 15cm in height. Safe and convenient, with removable handles, you can handles every possible sizes of pan, wok, and saucepan. Quality and efficiency work together to transform your kitchen into the perfect laboratory for inventing delicious recipes. A formidable set, its variety of sizes allows it to satisfy every need in the kitchen, but the real ace in the hole is its versatility: just hook the handle and you can use them on gas hobs, electric plates and ceramic hobs. Detach it and you can put them directly in the traditional oven, but you can also choose to cook over high heat and, after removing the handle, go to the oven without having to switch to another pan. With a neat design, they are perfect for serving directly at the table and, once the meal is over, can be used as practical fridge containers. SALUTELLA®, one pan – many uses.


Our groundbreaking non-stick coating, 100% pigment-free, guaranteed MADE IN ITALY. Conceived and created with no colorant additives for healthy, natural meals. ZEROCOLOR® is the WATER based coating containing no pigments (whether organic or inorganic), making the resulting visual effect utterly neutral. Sometimes occurs some shades over the non-stick surface showing the artisanal production. ZEROCOLOR® is exclusively applied on the purest food-grade aluminium and it is a guarantee of excellent non-stick qualities and high abrasion resistance.