Salutella Annie Feolde

A sweet return
to simple things

SALUTELLA is for those who love natural cooking, with the sole need to select the ingredients for the best results of healthy cooking, without worrying about their cookware. This line is the product of years of testing to certify its long lasting reliability and durability.

All of our SALUTELLA branded articles have been conceived and produced thanks to the knowledge we’ve developed since 1959, when SALUTELLA brand was established.


Full Induction bases, heavy-gauge forged cookware, and certified coatings for a top tier performance.

Cutting Edge Materials

We invest in research and development in order be able to offer the latest generation of available technology.

Long Lasting

Our coatings are highly performant, with great resistance and reliability over time.

In love with cuisine
for over 60 years

We’ve been designing cookware since 1959. High-performance, Italian flair, ergonomics and aesthetics
are only some of the qualities at the core of every piece of cookware we create.


Our first products
Thimbles and several miniature metallic items, alongside caps for tin containers and bike reflectors.


Our first catalogue
Cart wheels, shaving brushes, small bicycle parts, and several miniature metallic components meant to be used in manufacturing.


The lubricator
Our company became a leader manufacturer for lubricator destined for industry, at the same time, a line was created for domestic use, such as for sewing machines.


The birth of our household products
Our first ideas and products meant for domestic use take shape, production begins for iron pans, cooking tools, and kitchen utensils.


Stainless steel and household products
Stainless steel household products first begin to appear in Italian houses.


Non-stick coated products revolutionize the market
A revolution in the cookware market, the first non-stick coated cookware is born with SALUTELLA brand.


Special lines
The arrival of innovative, unconventional products, manufactured for loyalty programs and B2B large scale production.


Base forging
The company introduces to the market its first lines of forged cookware thanks to the new forging technology. Our first professional lines are born, at the beginning of the new millennium.


Die-cast aluminium and professional lines
Non-stick products appear in the professional and hospitality sectors, while die-cast aluminium becomes the new trend on the market, especially in the grill ware sector.


Modern cuisine
By now cookware lines are available with a vast variety of shapes, colours, and customizations, with different characteristics according to the trends of electronic appliances and modern cuisine.


ZEROCOLOR® is born
The revolutionary long-lasting, colorant-free non-stick coating. It contains no pigments (whether organic or inorganic), making the resulting visual effect utterly neutral.


Dylon Antibacterial® is born
It’s our ground-breaking non-stick coating, with broad-spectrum antibacterial properties in addition to antimicrobial “BioCote®”, known worldwide to be effective against a wide variety of bacteria and fungi. Lab tests show a 99.8% reduction in bacterial growth compared to standard non-stick coating without BioCote®.

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