Certified high-resistance coatings

Dylon® non-stick coating has been tested in the best international laboratories, in order to guarantee the highest quality, conformity, efficiency, and to preserve the safety of your meals.


Dylon® non-stick coating, certified to be in compliance with the top international quality standards, is an exclusive RIVER trademark. It is the ultimate non-stick coating. Its non-stick qualities are long lasting; it sports a lightly grainy texture, and is highly resistant to abrasion.


It’s our ground-breaking non-stick coating, with broad-spectrum antibacterial properties in addition to antimicrobial “BioCote®”, known worldwide to be effective against a wide variety of bacteria and fungi.

Lab tests show a 99.8% reduction in bacterial growth compared to standard non-stick coating without BioCote®.

BioCote Lab

Dylon® HP

This coating performs very high, in terms of both non-stick qualities and scratch resistance. Beyond just preserving our products’ durability, its pleasantly coarse surface, enhances Dylon®HP’ s performance.

Dylon® Ceramic

PTFE-free, PFOA-free coating, highly resistant to scratches and high temperatures, and very easy to clean. Dylon® Ceramic has been designed to improve the quality and life cycle of cookware, thanks to its high-performance ceramic coating.


A water based non-stick coating, both organic and inorganic pigment-free. Our groundbreaking non-stick coating, perfect for cooking healthy and natural meals.