A cookware range , compatible with all types of cooking hobs, including induction. Our non-stick coating Dylon®’ s excellent qualities guarantee outstanding abrasion resistance.

Induction base

Antibacterial coating

Soft touch effect handles


The certified non-stick coating


Dylon® non-stick coating, certified to be in compliance with the top international quality standards, is an exclusive RIVER trademark. It is the ultimate non-stick coating. Its non-stick qualities are long lasting; it sports a lightly grainy texture, and is highly resistant to abrasion.

Tested in the best international laboratories, in order to guarantee the highest quality, conformity, efficiency, and to preserve the safety of your meals.

Dylon® Antibacterial

It’s our ground-breaking non-stick coating, with broad-spectrum antibacterial properties in addition to antimicrobial “BioCote®”, known worldwide to be effective against a wide variety of bacteria and fungi. Lab tests show a 99.8% reduction in bacterial growth compared to standard non-stick coating without BioCote®.

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